Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Obsessed over cupcakes.

I was never a fan of cupcakes up until I got pregnant. Originally, cupcakes were a take it or leave it kind of thing for me. Of course I never realized how many different things you could do with cupcakes! I was so used to just normal cupcakes you bought from supermarkets. You know, the ones that are just plain yellow cake with butter cream frosting? With that being the only cupcakes I've really ever had there was no surprise I wasn't a fan!

Then I got pregnant. A friend of mine mentioned baking cupcakes nonchalantly once when we talking on the phone and from then on out until giving birth I craved cupcakes! I couldn't get enough of them. Only then did I discover the cupcake craze that was sweeping the world! I dreamed, breathed and lived cupcakes. I found that cupcakes were everywhere and that they came in flavors other than yellow cake and butter cream frosting. They came in so many other mind blowing, fantastic flavors! Flavors you would never ever think of putting together, but they somehow come together perfectly.

After having my baby I thought the cravings and obsession would go away and for a while it did, but then it came back full force. If anything my obsession for cupcakes has gotten crazier. I've started to become the "cupcake girl" within my group of friends. I definitely love the nickname. Since I can't get enough of them I figured I'd start a blog in an effort to help me express my obsession through a healthy outlet. This blog will pretty much all things cupcakes, including me baking cupcakes and trying out recipes from other blogs! So welcome and I hope you enjoy my little piece of cupcake heaven.


  1. Whenever I see cupcakes I most definitely think of you! Adding you to my blog list!