Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Springtime is a comin'!

In honor of Punxsutawney Phil NOT seeing his shadow this morning, meaning that spring is a comin' early! At least that's according to the mythology of groundhog day. Of course living in FL means spring comes waaaaay early anyway. Yesterday there was a high of 75 and it was humid. Good times. That is never a good sign of how the summer is going to be. I have a feeling it's going to be hotter than it was last summer. Of course I digress, as I was saying, in honor of Phil NOT seeing his shadow I've decided to not only start a weekly Etsy cupcake product find, but also to showcase something in the celebration of Spring arriving early!

I absolutely LOVE Etsy so of course this task was not hard for me to do. I typed in the page's address, the word "cupcakes" and clicked away looking at all the cupcake type products. It was overwhelming at first at how many cupcake related items are actually out there. Everything from actual cupcakes to jewelry (OH what I wouldn't give for a cupcake necklace at the moment!) Finally....

I came across THESE:
Edible pink and black butterflies!

At first I thought that they were paper toppers, but then I saw the word EDIBLE. I mean how ingenious are these!? These would be a perfect topping to anyone's cupcakes. I immediately started to think of what flavors would compliment these and vica versa. I settled on honey lavender. Purple butterflies with lavender. It's fitting, really. If these colors don't do it for you, the shop has many other colors to choose from. These are just the tip of the icingberg.

So this concludes my first Etsy weekly find! Hopefully you and groundhog Phil both enjoyed it!